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Bishop Crystal Thomas

Bishop Crystal B. Thomas is the founder and Senior Pastor of New Zion Tabernacle Church of Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Bishop Crystal is passionate about her love for God and values each created being, young or not so young, as unique and purposed for the abundance of life.


Her innovative style of service is captivating and she is considered by many to a "master" preacher/teacher, equipping God's people for their divine calling through the Word of God and its practical application for daily living.  Her weekly television ministry has become a favorite to thousands of viewers in the Midwest.


People from all walks of life are drawn to Bishop Crystal.  She has the ability to transcend all professional, cultural, and denominational barriers in her quest to improve the lives of others.  Her charisma and high energy approach to life makes people believe in themselves for positive change and the pursuit of excellence.


We asked about her best work, she responds by saying, "It is still ahead.  There are still too many unsung heroes and heroines waiting for their song to be sung."

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